LTB | December 29, 2017
Above Guideline Rent Increase Applications – The Law is Changing

On January 1, 2018, two changes to the Residential Tenancies Act that relate to the landlord’s Application for a Rent Increase above the Guideline will come into effect: A landlord will no longer be able to apply for a rent increase above the guideline because utility costs (e.g. fuel, electricity or water) have increased. If […]

LTB | September 1, 2017
New requirements for landlords who evict because they would like to move in

The Ontario government has introduced new requirements for landlords who would like to evict a tenant so they or someone in their family can live in the unit. Starting September 1, 2017, the landlord or family member must intend to live in the unit for at least one year. The landlord must also either give […]

CLI: Vidéos

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LTB: Videos

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LTB | February 24, 2017
LTB will email Notice of Hearing Packages to Bulk Filers

Starting March 1, 2017, applicants filing bulk applications (three or more applications at the same time), will notice the following changes: The LTB will serve applicant Notice of Hearing packages by email to bulk-filersThe LTB tested this process with selected applicants. The applicants liked the process and the LTB found it was efficient. Applicants must […]

LTB | February 8, 2017
LTB forms – Make sure you are getting the latest version

The LTB frequently makes changes to its forms and other documents on the website.  For example, the LTB recently updated the fee and payment information on most of its forms, added content to the Application for an Above Guideline Increase form and added filing fee checkboxes to the L1/L9 – Information Update as of the […]