Important Notice

There may be a Canada Post strike or lockout. Here’s what you need to know about filing documents if the strike or lockout happens: You can send documents to the HRTO by courier, fax or email, or drop them off in person. Address: 655 Bay Street, 14th Floor, Toronto, ON, M7A 2A3 Fax: 416-326-2199 or […]

HRTO | November 16, 2015
Practice Direction on Establishing a Regular Contact

In April 2014, HRTO started offering respondents the chance to identify a person at their organization to be the contact for any human rights applications filed against them. This practice has now been formalized with a Practice Direction on Establishing a Regular Contact Person for an Organization. Back to Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario | […]

HRTO | November 12, 2015
The SmartForm Just Got Smarter

The HRTO SmartForm Application and Response are now easier to use. Previously, users needed to attach their completed SmartForm to an email. Now, SmartForms can be sent directly through the Internet, without an email account. Users will also receive an automatic confirmation with a reference number that includes the date and time of their submission. […]

HRTO | July 22, 2015
Practice Advisory Committee – Announcing New Members

The vacancies for the HRTO’s Practice Advisory Committee (PAC) have now been filled by Lauri Reesor (Hicks Morley LLP), Tess Sheldon (ARCH Disability), Raquel Chisholm (Emond Harnden LLP) and Ranjan Agarwal (Bennett Jones LLP). New members were selected by the committee’s outgoing co-chairs, Mary Cornish and Patricia Murray, to whom we are grateful for six […]

HRTO | April 30, 2015
Vacancy Notice – HRTO Practice Advisory Committee

The HRTO Practice Advisory Committee (PAC) has a vacancy among the six members who regularly appear or represent parties – applicants or respondents – before the HRTO. Currently the PAC has an opening for three (3) members who regularly represents respondents and one member who regularly represents applicants. The Committee is looking for individuals who […]

HRTO | January 27, 2015
Updated Declaration Section

In December 2014, the HRTO took a further step to ensure transparency in its processes, consistent with fostering an open justice system. Over the years, the HRTO guides for applicants and respondents indicated that HRTO’s decisions are public and are made available on various websites. In particular, HRTO has referred parties to research human rights […]