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In the foreground, a man and a woman who are the respondents consult during a break in the hearing. In the background, the applicants and their lawyer also talk. Both sides are seated at desks in the hearing room.

About the HRTO

If you believe you have experienced discrimination or harassment, you can file an application with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO). The HRTO resolves claims of discrimination and harassment brought under the Human Rights Code in a fair, just and timely way. The HRTO first offers parties the opportunity to settle the dispute through mediation. If the parties do not agree to mediation, or mediation does not resolve the application, the HRTO holds a hearing.

Latest News

HRTO | November 16, 2015
Practice Direction on Establishing a Regular Contact

In April 2014, HRTO started offering respondents the chance to identify a person at their organization to be the contact for any human rights applications filed against them. This practice has now been formalized with a …
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