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As Executive Chair, and on behalf of all the staff and members of Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO), I would like to welcome you to our website.

SJTO is a cluster of seven expert adjudicative tribunals whose work covers a broad spectrum of social, economic and legal issues touching the lives of Ontarians.  From landlord and tenant disputes, to social assistance, human rights, child, youth and family issues, we receive and resolve over 100,000 applications, appeals and complaints every year.  Our commitment is to ensure that our procedures are understandable and accessible, our services timely and professional, and our decisions fair and transparent.  Our focus is on the people and communities we serve.

SJTO is a young organization but in the three years since our formation, we have achieved some significant milestones, successes that make a real difference for Ontarians that use our tribunals.  We have been able to improve time to hearings at the Landlord and Tenant Board and to expand the reach of child, youth and special education expertise, legal services and professional development for our staff and adjudicators.  We have become more efficient by merging our corporate “back-office” functions, and co-locating a number of our tribunals, and have expanded the scope of our regional service delivery.

In the next two years, we will co-locate most of our downtown Toronto offices, reducing our “footprint” by 30%, as well as boost our mediation services and electronic filing capacity and we will continue to seek ways to make our processes and services more accessible and cost effective for our users.

We welcome your feedback and your contributions so that we can make SJTO responsive to the needs of Ontarians.  Please check our website regularly for news, information, and opportunities to provide comments.

Michael Gottheil

Child and Family Services Review Board
Custody Review Board
Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
Landlord and Tenant Board
Ontario Special Education (English) Tribunal
Ontario Special Education (French) Tribunal
Social Benefits Tribunal

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