Mandate, Mission, Values

Our Mandate

Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO) is a cluster of eight adjudicative tribunals with a mandate to resolve applications and appeals brought under statutes relating to child and family services oversight, youth justice, human rights, residential tenancies, compensation for victims of violent crime, disability support and other social assistance, and special education.

Our Mission

SJTO and its constituent tribunals will:

  • provide fair, effective, timely and accessible dispute resolution
  • promote consistency in the application of the legislation and its processes while remaining responsive to differing cases, party needs and to an evolving understanding of the law
  • maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and quality of work, and
  • be leaders in the administrative justice community

Our Values

The core values inform how the SJTO and its constituent tribunals approach their mandate. They set the foundation for rules and policies, how those rules and policies will be applied, and how we deliver service to the public. The core values are:


  • We will strive to enhance full and informed participation of parties in the process, whether or not they have legal representation.
  • We are committed to diversity and inclusiveness.
  • We will provide dispute resolution processes that are proportionate and appropriate to the issues in dispute.

Fairness and Independence

  • SJTO and its constituent tribunals must be, and be seen to be, impartial and independent in their decision making functions.
  • Our decisions will be based on the evidence and the applicable law, and will be supported by clear, concise and coherent reasons.


  • We are committed to providing timely dispute resolution services and issuing decisions within a reasonable timeframe after a hearing.


  • Our processes, procedures and policies will be clear, understandable and consistently applied.

Professionalism and Public Service

  • Members and staff will exhibit the highest standards of public service, integrity and professionalism.
  • We will be responsive to stakeholder needs by engaging in meaningful outreach and consultation.

Learn More:

The SJTO Code of Conduct
  • Provides guidance to all SJTO members (adjudicators) on appropriate conduct.
The SJTO Ethics Plan
  • Sets out how SJTO ensures that all members (adjudicators) are aware of the conflict of interest guidelines and the code of conduct.
The SJTO Conflict of Interest Rules
  • Ensures that the private interests of SJTO staff and members are not in conflict with their public service responsibilities.