Terms of Reference for the
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
Practice Advisory Committee

1. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (the “CICB”) has established a CICB Practice Advisory Committee (the “Committee”) whose mandate is to function as a resource to the CICB for consultation and feedback regarding CICB polices, practices, rules, practice directions and services. The Committee’s focus is on the effectiveness of the above in carrying out the CICB’s mandate to provide fair, just, accessible, cost-effective and expeditious processes for the adjudication of proceedings before it.

2. The Committee is not intended to be a forum for the discussion of:

3. The composition of the Committee shall be reviewed regularly to reflect the range of representatives appearing before the CICB, including non-lawyer representatives, and the diversity of those involved in CICB proceedings.

4. The Committee shall have two (2) co-chairs. The co-chairs shall be selected by the CICB Associate Chair to serve a term of up to three (3) years and may be invited to serve additional terms of up to three (3) years.

5. The Committee shall be composed of the following members:

6. Committee members selected under 5(g) shall be selected by the co-chairs through an invitation to express an interest in serving on the Committee posted on the CICB website.

7. Committee members shall serve a term of up two (2) years, with the proviso that the timing of initial terms may be staggered to ensure continuity. Members may be invited to serve a second term of up to two (2) years.

8. The Committee shall meet at least two (2) times per year. The Committee co-chairs shall take an active role in determining the agenda items to bring forward for discussion.

9. In order that the Committee may function in an atmosphere that encourages candour, members of the Committee shall maintain reasonable discretion and confidentiality with respect to Committee discussions.

10. Committee representatives designated by the co-chairs shall participate in any CICB/SJTO Tribunal consultation or discussion with users of the CICB’s services to further the Committee’s effectiveness as a resource to the CICB.


June 2017