Consultation Policy

The SJTO is committed to ongoing consultation with stakeholders and the public on issues of process, procedure, service and accessibility with the objective of:

  1. continually improving our processes and practices
  2. seeking feedback on changes

To meet these objectives:

  1. SJTO's tribunals will meet with their practice advisory committees at least once a year. Terms of reference for each committee are posted on the SJTO website.
  2. When substantive changes to written rules, practice directions, interpretation guidelines or policies that directly affect the SJTO's users are proposed, they will be posted on the SJTO website for comment for at least 2 weeks. The proposed changes will also be raised with the Practice Advisory Committee and sent to a list of stakeholders maintained by each tribunal. A board or tribunal may choose to use other consultation methods as well.
  3. The SJTO will include notices on the SJTO website, welcoming feedback on policies and practices.

Last updated: August 2017