Members of the public are welcome to observe board hearings if they are open to the public. Oral hearings are generally open to the public, but may be closed if: (a) there are public safety concerns; (b) there are ongoing criminal proceedings; or (c) the claim involves a sexual offence, spousal abuse or child abuse.

If you wish to attend a board hearing, you must contact the board to ask permission well in advance. The number of observers allowed to attend a hearing will be based upon the size of the hearing room and security concerns of the board.

Individuals who have been given permission to attend a hearing as observers may not participate in the hearing in any way. They must remain quiet and make sure their mobile phones are turned off. Observers will not be permitted to bring cameras or tape recorders into the hearing room.

Observers may be asked to leave the hearing if the board members conclude that: (a) matters involving safety and security may be disclosed; (b) the observers disrupt the hearing; or (c) confidential personal or sensitive information may be disclosed.